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Parramatta, NSW
This is an honest and legitimate request for the Kassas Family. Charbel Kassas is one of the Oatlands children who continues to fight for his life after being hit  by the drunk driver on Saturday, the 1st of February 2020. Charbel is so critically injured that paramedics were forced to intubate...
Last donation 6h ago
$159,506 raised of $200,000
$159,506 raised
Chuwar, Queensland
Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Charity does not decrease wealth, no one forgives another but that Allah increases his honor, and no one humbles himself for the sake of Allah but that Allah raises his status.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2588 W...
Last donation 10m ago
$111,524 raised of $130,000
$111,524 raised
Lavender Bay, NSW
Vale Craig Sibbit - Craig survived by his wife Steph and two little ones Olivia and Liam. Many in the Drinks industry have asked what they can do – I have spoken to Steph and we agreed that starting a fund for Olivia and Liam would be gratefully accepted. Therefore Adam Fry (Endeavour) and Chris...
Last donation 6h ago
$101,150 raised of $100,000
$101,150 raised
Melbourne, VIC
(This fundraiser has been been organised on behalf of Anna and Vincent) For those of you who do not know me my name is Vincent, Anna’s husband. Some of you are aware or might have heard that my dear wife Anna met with an unfortunate freak accident at our London home on the 17th April 2019 at 10....
Last donation 12h ago
$88,873 raised of $75,000
$88,873 raised
Upper Swan, WA
Simone Bannatee (nee Eberhardt) 03/07/72 – 05/02/20 Simone, a vibrant, generous, hardworking and dedicated wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, friend and teacher, tragically and unexpectedly passed away whilst sleeping in her family home.  She has left behind her loving husband Yute, children...
Last donation 2d ago
$60,850 raised of $50,000
$60,850 raised
Christies Beach, SA
This poor family have endured more than most could have imagined over the last three months. Just prior to Christmas, their family home burnt to the ground, and a technicality with their insurance policy has meant that they had no cover and hence no money to cover the demolition and rebuild. The...
Last donation 48m ago
$50,205 raised of $100,000
$50,205 raised
Rose Bay North, NSW
Gary Power passed away on the weekend (9th February).   It came out of the blue and has left his family and friends in a state of shock.     Gary was a fine and admired architect having worked at  RMJM, Woodhead,  Woods Bagot, PVH and more recently ACT Government and GHD in Canberra.    He was...
Last donation 9h ago
$54,215 raised of $75,000
$54,215 raised
Cromer, NSW
Tania and Noah's world crumbled this week ..... After 12 months of fighting serious mental health issues,  on Wednesday Michael's condition took his life. May we remember him always as the guy with the biggest smile, the one that was always after the next best thrill in the surf, under a kite,...
Last donation 7h ago
$41,420 raised of $80,000
$41,420 raised
Garran, ACT
My name is David McBride. I am facing 50 years in prison for blowing the whistle on the Australian Defence Force's unethical, harmful and highly politicised leadership. As I continue to fight these unjust criminal charges, I am asking for your support to access expert legal representation.   For...
Last donation 59m ago
$31,042 raised of $50,000
$31,042 raised
Norfolk Island, NSW
Sheenie (Roisin) Richards 22nd April 1992 - 26 January 2020 On 26th January 2020 Sheenie (Roisin) Richards unexpectedly passed away in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the age of 27. Sheenie was a beloved member of the Norfolk Island community and had been travelling since the beginning of 2019 acr...
Last donation 3d ago
$29,845 raised of $1,000
$29,845 raised
Lismore, NSW
Medical and funeral expenses for our beloved Patrick.
Last donation 18h ago
$26,670 raised of $25,000
$26,670 raised
Echuca, VIC
For those who don't know Alicia, thank-you for taking the time to read her story.  Alicia is a 46 year old woman from Echuca and she is the mother of 4 absolutely amazing boys.  She is a Midwife and a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, who has supported many families in the community.  In August 2...
Last donation 7h ago
$26,390 raised of $100,000
$26,390 raised
Our Olga  has always been an independent, hard working professional, an amazing arial hoop artist, a caring friend, a loving mother and wife, and not one to ask for help or handouts.  So, as a friend, I am writing this on her behalf.  Olga is currently facing the greatest challenge of her life....
Last donation 26m ago
€68,627 raised of €50,000
€68,627 raised
Carnegie, Melbourne
Lela and I first met 11 years ago studying Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University. Our relationship endured a five years of long distance while I studied interstate. We were reunited in 2017 and we both moved to Geelong. She worked as a veterinarian and I worked as a surgical resident. Life...
Last donation 11mos ago
$29,949 raised of $20,000
$29,949 raised
Canberra, ACT
Since teens, my brother Justin Kelly (aka Noodle) and I experienced everything together - Finished school together, worked together, spent almost everyday together then eventually started our own families. His family became my family and vice versa. I've watched his boy Luca grow from a newborn,...
Last donation 7h ago
$17,281 raised of $20,000
$17,281 raised
Port Kennedy, WA
On Saturday 15th of February 2020, our beloved nephew Jahrece White was in a tragic accident resulting in a major head injury in Baldivis, Western Australia. Jahrece is the eldest son of Roxanne, and beloved brother to Kahsius and Chainberlin. He is currently fighting for his life in the Royal...
Last donation 3h ago
$11,534 raised of $10,000
$11,534 raised
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Alice Springs, NT
On Monday the 17th of February our beautiful son, brother, partner, father, uncle, grandson and friend Lyelle Woodbury suddenly passed away leaving behind his gorgeous little boy Lyelle Jnr, Beautiful partner Kaneesha and a large community of people who absolutely loved and adored him. Lyelle wa...
Last donation 6h ago
$12,050 raised of $18,000
$12,050 raised
Hopeland, WA
I am asking anyone that had a love for Michael to help his family pay for funeral expenses and ongoing family expenses for the children and the mortgage. Unfortunately Michaels father John was supposed to start his new job tomorrow 17/2/20. This has now had to be put on hold for a few weeks. Ch...
Last donation 3h ago
$8,490 raised of $15,000
$8,490 raised
Yangan, QLD
This go fund me page for Hannah's family has been set up to assist the Clarke family with bills, funeral costs and income so they can take time off work to process and grieve. Hannah was a beautiful person. I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing her for most of my life.  We know Stacey set...
Last donation 14m ago
$4,237 raised of $20,000
$4,237 raised
Melton West, VIC
Hello my name is Emma the niece of Uncle Dick ( Stephen) and Naomi. As most know they were taken suddenly in a hit and run early hours this morning. I’m trying to raise funds to cover funeral costs for them both to ensure they have the celebration of their lives they both deserve and to take the...
Last donation 6h ago
$11,607 raised of $10,000
$11,607 raised
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Flagstaff Hill, SA
Last donation 1mo ago
$5,812 raised of $5,000
$5,812 raised
Palmerston, NT
Tragically Evelin was on her way to work as a nurse after sharing valentines with her husband when she was hit head on by a speeding driver who was travelling on the wrong side of the road. We are raising funds for her husband Wei Kai Lee (Kevin) and their two young children aged 2 & 6 for funera...
Last donation 4h ago
$15,290 raised of $100,000
$15,290 raised
Cannon Hill, QLD
On Monday the 23rd of December around 5 pm behind Aminya St shops at Mansfield, Adam Jay who is 12 years old and had just finished his first year at his local high school was severely assaulted by 3 boys between the ages of 15 to 16 who attend the same school as well. He was in and out of conscio...
Last donation 7h ago
$19,524 raised of $25,000
$19,524 raised
Caulfield North, VIC
My names Ebonie and I'm writing this from a waiting room that has become all too familiar, on Saturday the 8th of February 2020, my partner Sam had an accident while on a camping trip that has left him with a broken hip, a fractured skull and worst of all bleeding in the brain, this meant that he...
Last donation 7h ago
$7,840 raised of $10,000
$7,840 raised
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Flagstaff Hill, SA
Last donation 1mo ago
$5,812 raised of $5,000
$5,812 raised
Flagstaff Hill, SA
Last donation 1mo ago
$4,662 raised of $5,000
$4,662 raised
Deakin, ACT
Last donation 1mo ago
$4,495 raised of $5,000
$4,495 raised
Melbourne, AU
Funds go to Port Macquarie Animal Welfare Service
Last donation 1mo ago
$5,377 raised of $5,555
$5,377 raised
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Brunswick West, VIC
Karin is a final year medical student at the University of Melbourne. A Sri Lankan citizen, Karin moved to Australia 7 years ago to complete a science degree and then a medical degree. During her tertiary education, Karin has worked consistently hard to support herself. She works most days of the...
Last donation 6h ago
$22,132 raised of $68,864
$22,132 raised
Auburn, NSW
Dear Winners,  Mahabir Pun is a Nepalese teacher, social entrepreneur and an activist known for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas, also known as the Nepal Wireless Networking Project. He is a widely known figure in Nepal, and his work...
Last donation 1mo ago
$1,280 raised of $1,260
$1,280 raised
Bethanga, VIC
Hi there, my name is Carlene and I've set this up for my friend Anthony.  Anthony has found his calling and I'd like to help make it happen for him. Anthony wants nothing more than to become a Certified Recovery Coach with the This Naked Mind Institute. The only thing stopping him is the funds t...
Last donation 1w ago
$1,923 raised of $15,000
$1,923 raised
Annerley, QLD
Saha fled Iran alone as an 18 year old girl, after protesting for women's rights and being imprisoned. She arrived in Australia and was immediately found to be a genuine refugee. She lives here permanently, works full time and is a special part of the Brisbane community. I came to know Saha thro...
Last donation 3w ago
$3,374 raised of $6,500
$3,374 raised
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