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There’s a part of every one of us that dreams of a better world. That spark of inspiration to help a person, support a community or even change a nation. At GoFundMe, we believe your inspiration should be shared with everyone. Because that’s how change happens.That’s why we make it easy to inspire the world and turn compassion into action. By giving people the tools they need to capture and share their story far and wide, we have built a community of more than 50 million donors and helped organisers raise over $5 billion – and this is just the beginning.

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The GoFundMe difference


Our Trust & Safety team works round the clock to ensure your safety and protect against fraud. We also provide the industry’s first and only donor protection guarantee. With eight years’ of experience and the most money raised, GoFundMe has earned the trust of respected institutions and government officials around the world.


We help families and communities get back on their feet quickly. The majority of our organisers can withdraw funds immediately, while many other platforms place a 7 to 30-day hold. In just the first 30 days following Hurricane Harvey, GoFundMe delivered over $27 million directly to people affected by the storm.


GoFundMe helps you easily share your story far and wide by email, text and social media to rally support for your cause. We also have a dedicated team looking for great stories to promote and share with the media and our community.