A new charity fundraising experience on GoFundMe

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We’re putting your charity at the heart of the GoFundMe experience and making it even easier for Australians to discover, donate, and fundraise for your organisation.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

The simplest way for supporters to fundraise on your behalf

The world’s largest social fundraising platform, optimised for your charity. Our new charity pages will make it even easier for supporters to fundraise for you.

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A new way for donors to give to charity

Soon, your charity will be able to receive donations year-round without an active fundraising campaign. Once a direct donation is made, we automatically send the funds to your charity.

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Unlock the power of GoFundMe for your charity

Recruit more donors and fundraisers from the millions who use GoFundMe to support the causes they care about.

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Build a community of supporters

Our upcoming features will help you build a thriving community around your charity. Leverage new tools to engage supporters and improve donor retention.

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