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Over the last few years Bettina has been speaking out about the rape crisis scare campaign on our campuses. She was the only journalist in mainstream media  to point out that the  2017 Human Rights Commission survey revealed remarkably good news about our campuses, with only tiny numbers of students reporting sexual assault, even when that was defined in the broadest possible terms i.e. including a stranger touching a student on a train to the university..

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics has shown universities are 100 times safer for young women than the rest of the community.

Bettina is appalled that our universities are kowtowing to a small group of feminist activists and agreeing to lie about the safety of our universities for young women – risking deterring overseas families from sending their daughters to study in this country.

What’s behind the campus rape campaign?
What really concerns her is the motive behind the activists’ campaign. These feminists are unhappy about the fact that juries rarely convict in he-said she said date rape cases when they don’t know whom to believe. Their aim is to get more rape convictions by persuading universities to get involved in adjudicating sexual assault cases using lower standards of proof and by failing to offer the accused normal legal protections – as has happened in America.

Here's an article published in the online journal Quillette about what happened in the US and the implications for Australian Universities.  And another from Quadrant magazine.

Universities introducing legislation to adjudicate rape cases
Some Australian universities are already moving in this direction. Here  is a list of universities that have introduced new regulations to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault on campus.
Bettina’s campus tour
For the past year Bettina has been speaking to student groups at universities across Australia, seeking to promote honest discussion about this issue and expose the reasons why activists are promoting such untruths about student safety.

What’s happened so far
Here is her video outlining the major events which have happened so far.

Her first campus talk took place at La Trobe University in September 2018, after initially being banned by university administrators who claimed it clashed with the values of the university. After some negotiation, the university revised their decision and event went ahead, despite noisy protesters doing their best to drown out Bettina’s talk.

Riot squad needed to control protesters at Sydney University
But at her second talk, at Sydney University demonstrators took things to a different level. The student group which sponsored her talk were required to pay nearly $500 in security charges to obtain a venue and then these guards were overwhelmed by unruly protesters who blocked the corridor leading to the venue preventing most of the audience from attending the event. Members of the audience were threatened, physically jostled, some even flung against walls by the aggressive crowd prior to the riot squad being called in by security to control the protesters before Bettina’s talk could go ahead.

Formal complaint to the University
Bettina made a formal complaint to the University against protest organisers. See Bettina’s video naming the key protesters and spelling out the ways they breached the University’s codes of conduct and bullying and harassment policies. Here she reveals some amazing stories about past activities of the key troublemakers .

University of Sydney takes action against protest organisers.
Following 8 months of investigation, the University finally took disciplinary action against four key organisers of the protest. We have not been given details of which ones nor their punishment. See thevideo announcing this decision. The main troublemaker, Maddy Ward, who has proudly taken ownership of the protest, is now complaining about “weaponising the university codes of conduct against her”. That’s pretty funny because it was the authoritarian left that insisted on regulating behaviour on campus – but they don’t like being on the receiving end.

Political action following Bettina’s protest
Soon after the Sydney protest, the Federal Government set up an inquiry into free speech at our campuses. The French enquiry recommended a voluntary code of conduct to promote free speech and Education Minister Dan Tehan is urging universities to come on board, with some positive results.

Truth blitz at University of Sydney
Meanwhile Bettina is taking further action to alert male students to the dangers posed by the move to adjudicate rape on campuses. In late February 2019, Bettina organised a ‘Truth Blitz’ at the University. She used students from other universities to put under student doors at most colleges a very detailed flyer  warning male students about the dangerous consequences of the rape crisis scare campaign- namely the establishment of an alternative ‘believe-the-victim’ justice system based on a lower standard of proof.

She also wrote to all members of the University of Sydney Senate providing evidence about the dangers this move poses for the university.

The tour continues
The student activists are working hard to prevent Bettina speaking on campuses. The National Union of Students has passed a resolution to stop her speaking and is funding protests against her. This is intimidating many student groups from hosting her events, but earlier this year she staged her own event at UWA, which was sold-out due to the mighty efforts of her group of volunteers. But no protesters showed up – a dreadful waste of the $350 the university forced her to pay for extra security guards.

She spoke at Macquarie University late last year and is arranging her next talk, planned for UNSW in July. She’s planning further speaking events at campuses across Australia. Please contact  her if you would like to arrange speaking events at a university, either involving a student group or staff, alumni groups etc.

Bettina’s portrait by Peter Smeeth 
Renowned NSW Central Coast artist Peter Smeeth has just painted a portrait celebrating Bettina’s campus tour – to be entered in various portrait competitions. We feel he has done a brilliant job capturing the challenge Bettina is facing in telling the truth about the fake rape crisis in the face of hostility from feminist activists keen to silence her.
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Update 5

Earlier this month Bettina had great news - The University of Sydney announced disciplinary action against four of the organisers of the violent protest against her last year. After years of tolerating thuggish behaviour from students shutting down free speech on campus, the lily-livered University finally bit the bullet and sent a warning that such harassment is unacceptable.

Here’s her video about the decision. ( https://tinyurl.com/yyejy5yw)

The Sydney Morning Herald ( https://tinyurl.com/y2ersvkf) chose to run the story under a headline announcing students were giving the green light to protesters – picking up on a ludicrous remark by the University Registrar saying that both the protest and her talk were “expressions of free speech.” Seems a bit odd then that they chose to punish the protest organisers? But that logical inconsistency somehow escaped the SMH journalist.

Next, we saw the key organiser Maddy Ward bleating on Facebook that Bettina had “weaponised the misconduct system against her” by asking the University to enforce their own codes of conduct with regard to students bullying and harassing other students. Of course, it was the authoritarian left which insisted on introducing endless regulations about such behaviour at universities, so it is rather a hoot that they object to finding themselves on the receiving end.

This was followed by further madness from Vice Chancellor Michael Spence who then told the Sydney Morning Herald that students weren’t daring to participate in conversations on campus for fear of “being shouted at by Bettina Arndt.” He also claimed Senator Amanda Stoker had wasted public money by using Senate Estimates to question TEQSA, the tertiary regulatory body, regarding free speech on campus and University of Sydney’s mishandling of Bettina’s protest. Michael Spence’s public utterances on this whole issue become more bizarre every day.

Last weekend saw further interesting developments with Education Minister Dan Tehan accusing leading universities of “failing Australia” by refusing to champion free speech on campus. Writing in the Weekend Australian ( https://tinyurl.com/y4nko4ak), Tehan demanded the sector demonstrate leadership and pushed for universities to implement the “model code” recommended by former High Court chief justice Robert French to uphold free speech and -academic freedoms.

Condemning the position taken by universities such as Sydney, Tehan described the French review as “a call to action” and accused universities of “burying their heads in the sand”. The newspaper also reported the UWA has finalised a statement making clear its expectation that students “must be open to a free exchange of ideas that may clash with their beliefs and make them feel uncomfortable.” Now, that’s a refreshing position!

Apparently, UWA vice-chancellor Dawn Freshwater is championing the new statement on freedom of expression which marks the first serious response to the French review, which urged the higher education sector to make near unfettered speech a “paramount value”.

So that’s all good news and Bettina is delighted with the support she is receiving from people everywhere concerned about what’s happening in our universities.

But on a lighter note, she’s just put together another little video ( https://tinyurl.com/y347w5pt) showing highlights from some of the news interviews this week about these ongoing developments.

It starts with a pretty funny clip from an SBS Viceland programme on campus deplatforming, which went to air last week. This shows a fascinating exchange Bettina had with the young host of the programme, Marty Smiley, who suggested that reason for the deplatforming skirmishes might be his generation of snowflakes are simply more compassionate and caring. Note Bettina’s howl of laughter at this absurd suggestion and her rejoinder – namely that, on the contrary, she thinks his generation is simply better at producing crocodile tears over fashionable causes but doesn’t actually do anything about things that really matter.

Anyway, Bettina wants to thank you for supporting her campus tour which is now about to continue – firstly with a talk in July at UNSW in Sydney and she is planning some Queensland events coming up soon. If you know any campus groups who would like to host a talk please contact her – not just student groups but alumni, staff etc. She’d welcome more financial support to enable her to continue to travel and spread the word about these important issues.
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Fascinating developments regarding the action I have taken against key organisers of the Sydney University protest who tried to stop me speaking on about the fake rape crisis last month. Here’s my new video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIxmWeRw-T4. Please help me circulate it. And don’t forget to like it and subscribe.

This one is mainly about Maddy Ward who proudly takes ownership of the event, along with fellow activist Jessica Syed.

The two of them have quite a history. We were amazed to discover that last year the University of Sydney investigated Maddy Ward for her role in a protest against an anti-abortion group which had a stall on campus. She abused and harassed them and showed them her tits! The photo on the thumbnail of my video shows the two of them on that day.

Work Dynamic, the firm which investigates such matters for the University, suggested Ward be given a semester’s suspension for misconduct. Ward claimed in a Buzzfeed article that the investigation was so stressful it triggered her depression and she failed a semester of her studies as a result.

Yet the University failed to act prompting a NSW Labor MP Greg Donnelly to speak about the delay in parliament. (Contrary to Ward’s claims, Donnelly did not orchestrate the Christian lobby against her.)

The outcome was extraordinary. The University dropped the charges against Ward and has refused to release details of their decision even to the anti-abortion complainants who took action against Ward. The University claimed the matter was confidential.

The anti-abortion incident is only one example of endless trouble-making by Ward. Maddy Ward and Jessica Syed, another of the women I named in my complaint, were in strife earlier this year for endorsing violence against Israeli soldiers in the form of a "martyred" female suicide bomber on the front page of the student magazine.

It will be interesting to see whether Sydney University continues to protect these young women who are clearly responsible for so many breaches to university regulations. We now have submitted five long videos providing evidence of the key protesters in action.

It's been exciting to see how many prominent people have spoken out in the last few weeks about the need for universities to protect free speech on campuses, including the Education Minister, the Attorney General, a number of Senators, a Chancellor and former Vice-Chancellor. The Australian has published two editorials and numerous media commentators have weighed in, using my case to argue that universities are failing to promote proper intellectual debate and challenging ideas.

The university has commenced their investigation into my complaint and have asked for a list of witnesses for their lawyers to interview. They say the whole process may take months, given that the university then presents my named group of key protesters with a notice of allegation and they are then given time to respond.

I’ve recently postponed talks in UWA and ANU. It proved too difficult to make these events happen in a hurry, with universities naturally putting students hosting my talks through a long form-filling process regarding security and so on. We are making big plans for my campus tour next year, giving plenty of time for the universities to provide venues. I have the impression that a number of universities are now keen to step up and use my talks as proof of their new credentials in supporting free speech. Now that’s quite a breakthrough.

But I still need student groups across Australia willing to host events. The Liberal Club students at La Trobe and Sydney really put themselves on the map by being brave enough to be the first to host my events and are receiving great kudos as a result. Please help me find other courageous souls to push this process along.

It’s marvellous that my campus tour has prompted such a lively discussion about free speech on campus but I still have a long way to go to persuade universities to be braver about the fake rape crisis.
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I just received an email from Sydney Vice Chancellor Michael Spence:

"Thank you for your email requesting a refund of the security fee. As we provided the security service that was paid for, and the security officers acted within the protocols required of them, we do not believe there is a case for any refund of the total fee. "

It is quite extraordinary that the University says the security officers acted within the protocols required of them. I wrote to the Head of Security prior to the event asking what we were paying for? i.e. what were their protocols? As I explained, the security officers at La Trobe were told their job was to protect me - and presumably the venue from harm/damage. But they happily pushed my audience out of the room after the talk, requiring them to walk through the hostile protesters outside.

I asked Sydney University if their security guards had instructions to intervene if protesters made it impossible for my audience to attend my talk - as indeed happened. We had no answer to these questions and Spence's email confirms that the security officers were not required to ensure the event proceeded nor that unruly protesters were removed so that the audience could reach the venue. The presence of the riot squad was the only reason that happened.

We will see what happens next. I will keep you all informed. (By the way, I am looking for smart lawyers who might be able to help pro bono if we end up in court. Please contact me if you know anyone suitable. Also let me know if you would like to be added to my email list for updates on all my activities)

We now have locked in University of Western Australia for October 17 and the ANU looks set for October 9. Details coming soon.

Cheers, Bettina
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For those of you who haven’t heard the news, the La Trobe talk was pretty difficult with noisy protesters doing their best to drown out my talk. But Sydney University demonstrators took things to a different level. The security guards were overwhelmed by the unruly protesters who blocked the corridor leading to the venue preventing most of the audience from attending the event. Our students were threatened, physically jostled, some even flung against walls by the aggressive crowd prior to the riot squad being called in by security to control the protesters before my talk could go ahead.

The Liberal Club students had been charged nearly $500 for the cost of the security - which we paid for partly with funds from this crowd-funder.

I spent the next week, with the help of various clever people, putting together a series of letters to Vice Chancellor Michael Spence asking firstly that he return the security fee to the students because the security guards were unable to control the unruly protesters.

But more importantly, I have asked that formal complaints be taken against key organisers of the protest. I have spelt out in detail the various codes of conduct and bullying/harassment policies breached by these organisers and provided abundant evidence, including video footage of these breaches. We have included witness statements from members of my audience who were bullied, abused and harassed by the protesters.

My new little video reveals who these key protesters are and gives a few glimpses of them in action. Plus shows you some of the relevant university regulations.

This is designed just as a first stage. We are organising extensive media coverage regarding my request for action by the university and have plans to follow up, with legal action if necessary.

But for now I would be most grateful if you could circulate this video as widely as possible. And please sign this petition asking the University to take action against the protesters. https://www.change.org/p/bettina-arndt-sydney-university-must-take-action-against-bettina-arndt-s-violent-protesters
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