How to Help Those Affected by COVID-19

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a global pandemic, reaching more than 118 countries and affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

In response, communities across the globe are coming together by fundraising for coronavirus affected regions to provide urgent aid and support. Each of us can do our part against the ongoing health emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus.


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Castlecrag, NSW
We are trying to help our local HealthCare professionals by buying them a coffee...
Last donation 5d ago
$80,999 raised of $90,000
$80,999 raised
Fitzroy, VIC
The Old Bar, The Carringbush Hotel and Collingwood Station Coffee employ 43 staf...
Last donation 9mos ago
$29,505 raised of $64,000
$29,505 raised
Keilor Downs, Australia
Due to the COVID-19 crisis our world is facing at the moment, live music venues ...
Last donation 3mos ago
$12,295 raised of $10,000
$12,295 raised
Ballarat, VIC
BEARDSMEN: For the past six years, I have grown, cultivated, tended and cared f...
Last donation 9mos ago
$3,910 raised of $3,500
$3,910 raised
Hilton, AU
Full transparency, sh*t is getting a little bit scary. Despite every extra effor...
Last donation 9mos ago
$3,245 raised of $25,000
$3,245 raised
Malvern East, Melbourne, VIC
Australian Music Industry COVID-19 Relief Fund (via SUPPORT ACT) In time’s ...
Last donation 1w ago
$3,090 raised of $5,000
$3,090 raised
As many of you know the coronavirus has caused panic and confusion all over the ...
Last donation 10mos ago
$1,550 raised of $2,500
$1,550 raised
Sydney, Australia
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Melbourne premiere of EMERALD has been post...
Last donation 9mos ago
$1,487 raised of $1
$1,487 raised
Woodville South, SA
As part of the many small business owners who are now being greatly affected b...
Last donation 9mos ago
$470 raised of $10,000
$470 raised
Melbourne University, VIC
We started the idea of Pandemic Kindness Australia on Saturday 14th March after ...
Last donation 9mos ago
$0 raised of $10,000
$0 raised